About Us

Truck&TrainInternational Project Logistics has established a worldwide presence through strategically located partners and as such, enjoys a reputation as a global market leader for the unique approach to managing the movement of any sized cargo involved in a broad range of disciplines. The company has successfully served but is not limited to Mining, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Marine, Materials Handling, Civil and Structural Engineering, Power Generation and Treatment Processing sectors as well as general Break Bulk.

With our extensive business channels, International Project Logistics can source any type of special carrier such as heavy lift vessels, tugs, pontoons, supply vessels and semi-submersible vessels on the basis of voyage charter, part charter, time charter.

A fundamental element to our business operations is the strategic planning in overseeing all areas of pre-shipment and oncarriage delivery stages, taking into account any technical barriers and relevant statutory requirements to ensure a timely integrated logistics solution to the destination site all the while being focused on maximizing economic efficiencies wherever possible.